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Before this class, I’ve used audacity before.  I found it somewhat useful, not necessarily fun to use, but useful.  After the class, I have relatively the same opinion on the program.  I wouldn’t use it for ALL my audio editing, but if I need a quick volume edit, or a couple of tracks put together, Audacity is the way to go. 

  I didn’t have much fun doing this project, since I don’t really like the program, so i just slapped something together, something I’ve actually done before.  The track I made, I made about 3 years ago when I was bored.  Overall, Audacity is OK, and I’d only use it for quick fix-ups.

Why every weekend should be four days. :D

Every weekend should be four days.  If things were like that, there would be a good balance between school time, and leisure time for us teens.  4 days of “play”, followed by three  days of extensive learning.  I’d be perfectly fine with that.  In 4 days, you can do a very large amount of things,  In one day, I fit all my gaming, and went bowling last weekend.  With three days of instructional time, you can also get quite a lot done, there’s enough time for both day’s A and B, and school could simply be one hour longer.