My favourite program.

The most fun I had was with game maker.  It’s easy to use, fun, and the outcome is usually mildly entertaining.  It’s the only program that I actually go home, and continue playing with it.  I made a game in my spare time in class, and continued it for a couple of days at home.  Every so far that’s played it, has said it’s pretty fun.  I hope I can get a lot better at using game maker, and make really cool games.


Game Maker :D

  I like Game Maker.  It’s not hard to use, and the outcome can be pretty cool.  The games we make so far, are very simple, but if I were to look more into game maker on my own time, I could probably make real cool games. :D 

  The fact that it puts everything into easy to manage folders, and commands are put onto objects makes making a game a lot easier than using a code.  If I were to rate this game out of 10, I’d rate it an 8, because it’s easy to use, and makes pretty cool games.


Html, is fun.  i like it A LOT more than basic, which I hated.  I like it more because it isn’t super old and boring, and html is still mainly used today, so it’ll actually be useful.  When I was younger, about from age 7-12, I did a lot of simple web designing, I loved it, did it for hours.  Now that I know how to do it better, I might just start doing it again.


Qbasic is interesting, it can make some pretty cool programs.  Personally, I’d never use it for anything, unless my life depended on it.  Qbasic seems really old, out of date, and too simple to make anything cool now a days.  It can be fun for a few minutes, but otherwise, I don’t like it.

Bridge Builder

I. Love. This. Game.  It’s just so incredibly fun, if there were 1000 levels, I’d play ’em all.  It’s not hard either.  Building things to complete a task in a physics engine are things I love to do.  they started to get a little difficult around level 12, or 13.  There isn’t much else I can say about this game, other than I love it and I think it should have more levels. :D  EPIC GAME.


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Before this class, I’ve used audacity before.  I found it somewhat useful, not necessarily fun to use, but useful.  After the class, I have relatively the same opinion on the program.  I wouldn’t use it for ALL my audio editing, but if I need a quick volume edit, or a couple of tracks put together, Audacity is the way to go. 

  I didn’t have much fun doing this project, since I don’t really like the program, so i just slapped something together, something I’ve actually done before.  The track I made, I made about 3 years ago when I was bored.  Overall, Audacity is OK, and I’d only use it for quick fix-ups.