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What I think of Google SketchUp

I like this program.  It’s easy to use, and you can make lots of cool things.  The tools for panning the view, and moving around aren’t very good, those could be better.  I also wonder if there’s a way to import it into game making programs to use them as a 3D model.


My house in Sketchup.

Two chairs in Google SketchUp

My Powerpoint Presentation

Personally, I thought my presentaion was rather good.  I don’t usually like to use Powerpoint, but I guess it could be useful at some point.  I had fun editing some of the pictures for this, I did that in photoshop.  When I was presenting it to the class, I think I should’ve said a few things that I didn’t end up saying.  Overall, I believe I did good on this, I’m proud of it. :D